Suhoto Ezero

The Dry lake is located in the Rila mountain to the southeast of the summits of Kupenite and Popova kapa. It is one of the lowest lakes in the mountain (1892 m a.s.l.). In the autumn it often gets dry which explains its name. Nearby is Kobilino branishte shelter.

A good starting point for hikes up to the Dry lake is Kirilova polyana (The Kiril's meadow) located about 7 km away from the Rila monastery. The place is accessible by car or on foot (1 h 45 min. walking from the monastery). Once you get there look for the trail marked with white-green-white signs. It starts close to the basin in the northwest side of the meadow) and goes to the north. The hike isn't particularly difficult but it isn't super easy as well. The total ascend is around 500 metres and getting to the Dry lake takes more than an hour.