Tevno Ezero

Tevno Ezero (Tevno Lake, in Bulgarian Тевно езеро) is the biggest of a group of lakes located in the central part of the Pirin Mountains, between the peaks Valyavishki Chukar, Momini Dvori, Malka Kamenitsa and Kamenitsa. It is also the biggest of all mountain lakes in Bulgaria, located above 2500 metres. On its eastern shore there is a mountain shelter with the same name.

Schematic map of the area next to Tevno Ezero

The area next to Tevno Ezero is a crossroad of many tourist paths. The European long-distance path E4, part of which is the trail between Vihren hut and Pirin hut, passes by the lake as well. There is a marked trail comming from Kamenitsa hut (located above the town of Sandanski), one from the town of Dobrinishte via Bezbog hut and Samodivksite Ezera and yet another one that comes from the town of Bansko via Demyanitsa hut.

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