Bacho Kiro cave

Bacho Kiro Cave is located at 335m of altitude. It’s 3500m long and has a 65m of elevation gain. It is oriented towards northeast – southwest. It’s maintained by Bacho Kiro Tourist Association – the town of Dryanovo.
The first hall is called The Anteroom (Predverieto) and is the best studied. Karst waters have formed impressive massive stone drapes on the roof. The roof is quite high at the end of the hall, after which it descends to form a short tunnel called The Arch (Arkata). From there, stone steps lead to the Rainy Hall (Dazhdovnata zala) named like this because of the distinct sound of water dripping. In it, you can see stalactites that look like stonified rain. 38 narrow stone steps lead to the so called Concert Hall (Kontsertna zala) where the acoustics is excellent. Stalagmites and rib-like brown and white flowstones can be seen on the walls and the roof. This is where the Short tourist route ends.

The Long route leads to Bacho Kiro’s upper floors. It starts to the right of The Anteroom where stone stairs have been made. The first sinter formation along this route is the so called Jellyfishes (Meduzi) – a cascade-shaped wall with formations resembling stone jellyfishes. Then there’s a narrow slanting 20-metre-long corridor called The Bear Slide (Mechata parzalka). The corridor leads to Pop Hariton Hall where the dripping water has formed a white figure that people compare to a monk. To get to the upper floors, you take the Potato Path (Kartofenata pateka) whose floor is covered by sand-clay sediments forming separate bulges that resemble potatoes. The Rockfall Hall (Zala na srutishteto) is on the upper floor. Tens of stone blocks torn from the ceiling can be seen on its floor. North of there is the Bear Meadow (Mecha Polyana) Hall where the entire skeleton of a cave bear was found. Further to the north, there’s a small oval-shaped hall where you can see a 4-metre high stalagnate, whose base is 35m while its thinnest section being just 5cm. The hall is named The Lonely Stalagnate (Samotniya Stalakton); however, before the cave was utilized for tourists the stalagnates were two but one of them was destroyed due to carelessness. Near the so called Ear of the Cave (Uho na peshterata), to the left, is the Hall of Little Lakes (Zalata na ezertsata), its front end being the narrowest part of the hall: the so called Purgatory (Chistilishte) is a 60cm x 40cm corridor. Then comes a sinter waterfall called The Throne (Tronat), behind which is the Throne Hall (Tronnata zala) which is unlighted so that its beautiful forms can be preserved. The following Reception Hall (Priemna zala) is thought to be the cave’s most beautiful. From there an iron staircase goes down to the Stonified Forest (Vkamenenata gora) where the stalagnates resemble the stonified trunks of thick trees. This is where the Long tourist route ends.

Bacho Kiro Cave is located in the central part of the country, 6km away from the town of Dryanovo near the St. Archangel Michael Dryanovo Monastery. If you’re coming by car, it will be best for you to park at the parking site in front of Bacho Kiro Hut from where you can reach the cave on foot in a few minutes.