Borov Kamak

Borov Kamak is a rock phenomenon located near the village of Borovitsa, Northwest Bulgaria. The village is not far from the town of Belogradchik (11 km), which is famous for the beautiful rock formations that surrounds the town. Indeed Borov Kamak is part of this formation, but is a little further apart from the main group of rocks. As a result its indisputable beauty is often left neglected, with most of the tourists heading directly towards the town.

The name of Borov Kamak comes from Bulgarian words for fir tree - бор (bor) and rock - камък (kamak). The steep slopes of this impressive, one hundred metres high rock formation were covered with fir trees until year 2000, when many of them burnt in a huge fire. Yet the beauty of the surrounding area seems to be intact, and if you get to the benches that are built at the foot of the northern side of Borov Kamak, you will enjoy watching the picturesque landscape while listening the bird songs. The place is not visited by many people. Without being disturbed, you can fully immerse in the forms, colours, sounds and odours that all combined shape this natural beauty.

Schematic map of the area next to Borov Kamak

To go see Borov Kamak you first need to get to the village of Borovitsa. In case you are travelling by car, my personal recommendation is to choose the road III-102. It follows the valley of Ogosta river and crosses many beautiful rural areas. It is not used by many people and the traffic is usually not intense. Here and there you will have to drive more carefully while avoiding some potholes but to be honest, in Bulgaria the roads are more or less in a similar condition pretty much everywhere.

Once you reach to the village of Borovitsa, head for the centre, where the municipality building and the convenience store are. Unless you are driving a car that can easily cope with some rough terrain, you better leave your vehicle here. Take the path that starts at the opposite side of the road in front of the municipality. It heads northeast but soon changes its direction to northwest and after the last buildings turns into a dirt road. A kilometre further up the hill is St. Trinity church. That is as far as you can get by car. Pass the church and descend down the road. Soon you will get to the open area covered with brambles. Borov Kamak is now visible right in front of you. Straight up the slope that leads to the foot of the rock you will see a road. It is partly overgrown with high grass and low bushes but still not completely block. Don't worry, soon walking will become easier and in 10 minutes or so you will get below the rock. There are the benches where you can rest and enjoy the scenery. If you want you can walk around but better don't try to climb the rock. The easiest way to go back is to follow the way you came.

There is a way to get to the area of Borov Kamak by train but it is by no means easy. The journey from Sofia to the village of Oreshets, where the closest train station is, takes about 4-5 hours (depending on which train you take). Once there, unless you have your bike with you, things become a bit tricky. There may be a minibus that goes to Belogradchik but if not, you may need to hitch-hike (the distance to the town is a bit too long for walking). The easiest option is to hire a taxi once you get to the town, and to ask the driver for a phone number, so that you can call him for the ride back. After all, if you combine all the efforts and the money you have to pay for train tickets and the taxi and it may turn out that renting a car is after all the better solution.