Bozhiya Most

Bozhiyat most is a natural rocky bridge, about 20 m high, formed by Lilyashka bara's waters.

Bozhiyat most (God's bridge) is situated on the north-west of Bulgaria, close to Lilyache village, about 14 km north of Vratsa town. You can reach it in two ways:
- the first way is coming from the road Vratsa- Krivodol to turn aside to Lilyache village. About 100 m before the square (the 5th fork on the right after entering the village) turn to the right and then at once turn on the left. Here comes a Y-shaped crossing. Turn on the right again and in half a kilometre you must see the buildings of a former farm. Then we have dirt road, but it is passabe for cars when it is dry. It is a good option to go on foot to Bozhiya most – the distance is about 1.5 km and it will take you no more than 20-25 min. The bridge itself is close to the remains of a fortress which can be seen in the upper part of the wide meadow, where the road lies.
- the second way to reach Bozhiya most is from Vratsa to head for Borovan. On the first fork after the end of the town turn on the left towards Chiren village. In 5.5 km comes another fork on the left. Drive on it. In a km and a half the road separates, turn on the right. The road is dirt and soon you will reach the fortress named above; Bozhiyat most is behind it.