Chudnite Mostove

The Wonderful bridges are one of the most famous natural monuments in the Rhodopes. They represent two natural rock bridges in enormous size. They are supposed to have been formed in the collapse of parts of a former cave formed in the Proterozoic marbles by the waters of the tiny Dalboko dere river. The upper rock bridge is 45 m at its widest part, while its height varies between 14 and 43 m. There are three openings on its western side. On the eastern side there is only one, but it is assumed to be the biggest cave opening in Bulgaria. The second bridge is located 200 meters downstream. It comprises of a tunnel about 60 m long which starts with a wide and high opening which gradually goes narrower to a mere crack.

The Wonderful bridges are situated in the Western Rhodopes, 27 km to the north-west of Chepelare and 49 km to the south-west of Asenovgrad. The fork for the Wonderful bridges, connecting the two towns is located after Hvoyna village and there is a sign pointing it. In 10 km the road separates again – for Zabardo village on the left and for the Wonderful bridges on the right. The remaining 3 km are down a narrow road with one or two bad parts. At the end of the road there is a small parking lot next to the information center.