Shiroka Polyana dam lake

Shiroka Polyana Dam is located up in the Rhodope, at about 1500m of altitude. Its shores are surrounded by coniferous forests from all sides so even in sweltering heats here is refreshing. In the summer many people come here to camp by its shores (as you can tell from the piles of garbage on the shore) but after the middle of September it becomes quiet again. There’s a grocery store near the forestry buildings on the western shore of the dam from where you can also refill your water.

Shiroka Polyana Dam is located in the Western Rhodope, along the Batak – Dospat road. From the road at Shiroka Polyana National Forestry (the buildings on the western shore) you can only see a small part of the dam. If you go on south towards Dospat, after about 2.5km, you’ll see a fork to the left (there’s a sign saying PB “Slancheva Polyana” – “Sunny Meadow” Recreation Base) which will lead you out on the southern side of the dam. The road to the recreation base after the dam wall is okay for cars but after that it’s damaged at quite a lot of places and is not suitable for cars but it’s perfect for walking or cycling.