Campsite Kosmos

Campsite Kosmos is the most northern campsite on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Located 4 km south of the border with Romania, it is an attractive place for those looking to spend few days at the seaside but away from crowds and loud parties. The place was built during the 60s and has preserved something of that era. The old wooden bungalows are still there and though today they can hardly fit in any western definition of luxury, the overall atmosphere of the place compensates for almost any shortage of comfort you may experience. In fact most of the bungalows have recently been renovated and each has a bathroom with a toilet inside. Located in the shadow they offer a cool cover when outside the sun is too strong and you need to rest.

The area where the campsite Kosmos is built is mostly wild. There are no tourist complexes, no hotels whatsoever and the closest beach bar is few kilometres down south (though it's a good one and you may find it attractive if you feel like you need a drink). The bungalows are next to the sea and what immediately stands out, once you arrive, is the few kilometres long sandy beach. It literatelly starts from the campsite's threshold and you will probably be alone there unless it is the holiday season peak (end of July till mid August) when there are some people. Another feature that attracts interest is that the region lays on the Via Pontica migration path. There is a swamp and a lake located in the vicinity of the campsite which both are a major stop for the birds that are migrating along the Via Pontica. Bird watchers from around the world often come here due to the great number of bird species that can be seen.

If you want to pitch a tent or park your caravan, there is a designated area of the campsite Kosmos where you can do that. Additionally you will find a kitchen area equipped with sinks, cooking facilities, big table and some free A/C power plugs. Provisions can be bought from the village of Durankulak, located about 3 km away from the camp. In case you don't want to bother cooking your food, there is a restaurant which offers decent food for moderate prices. For renting a bungalow that can accommodate up to 2 people you have to pay 30 leva per night. A one that has 3 beds costs 40 leva. The price for tents and caravans is 8 leva per person per night. Kids under age of 5 stay for free.

You can get to the campsite Kosmos by car via the asphalt road from the village of Durankulak. If you don't have a car there is a minibus from the town of Kavarna to Durankulak village which travels daily. You can get to Kavarna by bus directly from Sofia or from the town of Varna.

Interesting places around the campsite Kosmos

Durankulak lake
Shablenska tuzla
Kamen bryag
The archeological reserve of Yailata