Cape Emine

Cape Emine is the end, easternmost, point of Stara Planina (the Balkan Mountains). After the last Balkan peak of Sv. Iliya (St. Elijah) the mountain gradually descends towards the sea and ends with steep coasts, almost completely vertical in places. With the exception of the small village of Emona and the two decrepit military bases, the whole region is unmarred by human activity. In May everything is green and covered with blossoming flowers and herbs and there are almost no people. Later, in the summer, during the active tourist season, the place becomes livelier due to the tourist groups but as a whole it remains a nice and peaceful holiday spot. There is a path which diverges from the asphalt road 100 metres north of the entrance of the military base (the first one before the village) – it takes 30 minutes along it to reach the southern end of the Irakli beach.

In the nearby village of Emona there is a nice restaurant with a terrace that has a lovely view towards the sea. To find the place follow the asphalt road which enters the village and turn left before the new big hotel. The restaurant's building is a white and has a sign above the entrance.

Cape Emine is the end point of the E-3 European Long-Distance Path, the Bulgarian section of which is known as Kom-Emine. The route follows the whole length of the Balkan Mountains and is a wonderful experience that I strongly recommend to anyone who has 20-25 days-off this summer.

Cape Emine is located 78km south of Varna and 69km north of Burgas. The closest town is Obzor – 17km away. To reach Cape Emine by car, you need to exit the Varna-Burgas road in the direction of Irakli (the fork is located between the village of Banya and Obzor and is marked with a sign). A kilometre and a half later there is another fork where you need to turn right. From here to the village of Emona, where you can leave your car and go on to Cape Emine on foot, the road is in a really bad condition. At some places there are just remains of what once was asphalt so if your car is lower you might have some problems.
A dirt road leading to Cape Emine starts at the entrance of the military base before the village of Emona. It is up to you whether you’ll risk breaking your car or you’ll take a 1.5-kilometre walk to the cape.