Kamen Bryag

Kamen bryag is one of the places along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that has more or less preserved its authentic atmosphere. Due to the fact that the shore here is rocky and the access to the water is somewhat difficult, the mass tourism hasn't found its way here yet. The village of Kamen bryag is small and without huge concrete tourist complexes as those which have spoiled the look of the most of the places to the south. During the summer months here come mostly (but not only) young people who are looking for a place where they can enjoy the sea without having to listen to chalga (unless you have just discovered Bulgaria, you probably already know what it is - a popular music that mixes oriental sounds and rhythms with whatever else fits in and which to a great extent symbolises the cultural decay of the Bulgarian society during the last two decades or so). At evenings (especially in August when the weather is the best) around the village store can get quite busy and noisy but beside that Kamen bryag is a calm place where time seems to pass slightly slower. Of course the tourism has had an impact on the village life. There are several places which offer accommodations, and two places where you can be served food. I am not sure if any of them works off season.

The sea is a few hundred metres away from the village. There are several places where you can go down to the water and the easiest one is just east of the last houses. Look for a pile of stones (there is the so-called Internal fire) and  continue straight and a little to the left. You will see a narrow trail that goes steeply down and to the left. It will take you to Babinya plazh (the Grannies' beach) which is the place where getting into the water is easiest. Still it requires you to descend a steep slope and wouldn't recomment it to people who have issues keeping a good balance. By the way - be careful for falling rocks as well. The cliffs above that place aren't particularly stable. Also pay attention while walking along the shoreline up the plateau. Avoid staying too close to the edge of the rocks. From up there, often you can't see it but looked from the water level it is obvious that here and there there are several huge boulders that are loosely attached and may fall any moment.
Another place where you can get to the water is to be found to the south of the village. The description how to find it will be too difficult and complicated as well so instead I recommend you to follow the trail that goes south of the village and follow the shoreline until you see the place. It is several hundred metres away from the last building.
One place close to the village of Kamen bryag that you should not miss to visit is Yailata - a very beautiful historical site 1.5 km to the south of the village.

Kamen bryag is located 84 km to the north of Varna. To get there drive to the town of Kavarna, get inside the town and just after the last building turn right towards Kaliakra. You will get to the village of Balgarevo, where you have to turn left and then continue straight for the next 13 km.