Koral is a beach on the Southern Black Sea coast, north of the village of Lozenets, which has so far remained free of construction. The hotels end at the southern end of the beach and the Yug (‘South’) Camping Site is located at its northern end. Between them there is a kilometre-long strip of forest where people could camp at least up to last year. When you see the place you will be able to imagine what the Bulgarian Black Sea coast used to look like before the massive construction and the concrete boom when there were 53 camping sites by the sea that could accommodate 53 450 people in total.

You can reach the beach from the village of Lozenets: enter the village and drive along the main road until you reach a T-shaped crossroad where you need to turn left. From here you go straight and the way will lead you out of the village. When the asphalt becomes really broken, you know you’re on the right way. Soon there will be asphalt again: look for a fork to the right which will take you to the beach. It will also take you about 20 minutes to reach the beach from Lozenets on foot.

The other option is coming from the north. 1.5km after the exit to Kiten there is a fork to the left (right after the house with a ‘Police’ sign). This is the way to Yug Camping Site; you’ll just need to go on for another kilometre or so after the camping site and look for a dirt road diverging towards the sea.