Shablenskata Tuzla

Shablenska Tuzla is a saline lake located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, near the town of Shabla. The place is known f for the healing properties of its mud and for the great diversity of the birds that can be seen here. It is located next to a sandy beach and to the campsite ‘Dobrudzha’, 6 km northeast of Shabla.

Walks in the area of Shablenska tuzla

An option to explore the area better is to follow the coastline either to the south or to the north. If you choose to go north you can walk all the way to the the Romanian border some 21 km to the north. The trip starts from the campsite Dobrudzha and for the first 2.5 km you will have to walk on the sand since there are no tourist path further inland. Gradually the shore will become higher and will see the dirt path which connects the villages of Ezerets and Krapets. Leave the beach here and follow the path to the north (alongside the shore) until you get to the village of Krapets. If you need a longer rest here you will find some restaurants and stores. Once you are again ready to continue look for the asphalt that will take you to the recently renovated campsite Karvuna further north. It forks from the main village road and ends at the entrance of the campsite. Here turn right and go along the dirt path. Soon it will reach the sea and turn left, the it will pass by the Durankulak lake and at the end you will reach the most northern campsite along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Kosmos. The Romanian border is 4 km further north if you want to go that far. On the way back you have to either retrace your steps or to walk 5 km to the nearest village of Durankulak and take a bus to the town of Shabla. Hitchhiking is also an option but it will probably take some time before someone decide to take you.

When to do this walk:
The best time is around May when the tempertures are lower and everything is green. Unfortunatelly at time of the year of the year the sea water is too cold for swimming. Most of the restaurants in the village of Krapets are seasonal and may be closed as well. The campsite Kosmos is open year-round and has a restaurant.

Baj Pesho
Another much shorter walk from Shablenska tuzla is to go to the Baj Pesho's restaurant. Follow the coastline in direction to the south and you will get there in less the an hour. Once you reach the first houses you will see a dirt road going down right next to the shore. 50 metres down that way there is a house with a strange facade which has a staircase leadind to an upper floor. This is the place which belongs to Pesho - an old fisherman whose guests can try a variety of seafood specialties and of course a strong rakia.
If you have a bike probably a better way to get to the Pesho's restaurant will be to follow the asphalt road from campsite Dobrudzha to Shabla Lighthouse (8 km).

From the town of Shabla take the road to Shabla Lighthouse. Soon after you leave the town you will see a fork. Turn left and continue along the road until you get in front of the campsite Dobrudzha entrance. The path to the right will take you to the shore of the lake. You can also get in the campsite and reach the lake by following the coastline.